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class thx.error.AbstractMethod extends Error

Available on all platforms

AbstractMethod extends Error and it is intended to be used inside those methods that are considered abstract. Abstract methods are methods that needs to be implemented in a sub-class.

The error message brings the class name/method name that is abstract.

function abstractMethod() {
  throw new AbstractMethod();

Instance Fields

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var message(default,null):String

defined by Error

Available on cpp, cs, java, neko, php, python, swf

The text message associated with the error.

function new(?posInfo:PosInfos):Void

var pos(default,null):PosInfos

defined by Error

The location in code where the error has been instantiated.

var stackItems(default,null):Array<StackItem>

defined by Error

The collected error stack.

function toString():String

defined by Error