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abstract thx.Url(UrlType) from UrlType to UrlType

Available on all platforms

It's a type that represents a URL.

Class Fields

function equals(self:Url, that:Url):Bool

Matches all the URL parts with anthat URL and returns true if they are all equals.

function fromString(s:String):Url

Generates a URL instance from a String. It throws an exception if the string cannot be parsed to a valid URL.

The URL can be either relative or absolute.

function parse(s:String, parseQueryString:Bool):Url

Instance Fields

var auth(get,set):String

var hasAuth(get,null):Bool

var hasHash(get,null):Bool

var hasPort(get,null):Bool

var hasProtocol(get,null):Bool

var hasQueryString(get,null):Bool

var hasSearch(get,null):Bool

var hash(get,set):String

var host(get,set):String

var hostName(get,set):String

var href(get,set):String

var isAbsolute(get,null):Bool

var isRelative(get,null):Bool

var path(get,set):String

var pathName(get,set):String

var port(get,set):Null<Int>

var protocol(get,set):String

var search(get,set):String

var slashes(get,set):Bool

function clone():Url

function concatString(that:String):Url

function equalsTo(that:Url):Bool

function toString():String