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class thx.Int64s

Available on all platforms

Int64 helper methods.

Class Fields

static var maxValue:Int64

static var minValue:Int64

static var one:Int64

static var ten:Int64

static var two:Int64

static var zero:Int64

static function abs(value:Int64):Int64

static function compare(a:Int64, b:Int64):Int

static function divCeil(num:Int64, div:Int64):Int64

static function divFloor(num:Int64, div:Int64):Int64

static function divRound(num:Int64, div:Int64):Int64

static function fromFloat(f:Float):Int64

static function parse(s:String):Int64

static function toFloat(i:Int64):Float

Converts an Int64 to Float;

Implementation by Elliott Stoneham.

static inline function toInt64(s:String):Int64

Alias for parse, mainly for disambiguation with other parses using mega Thx.

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