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class thx.Error

Available on all platforms

Defines a generic Error type. When the target platform is JS, Error extends the native js.Error type.

Class Fields

static function fromDynamic(err:Dynamic, ?pos:PosInfos):Error

It creates an instance of Error from any value.

If err is already an instance of Error, it is returned and nothing is created.

Instance Fields

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var message(default,null):String

Available on cpp, cs, java, neko, php, python, swf

The text message associated with the error.

function new(message:String, ?stack:Array<StackItem>, ?pos:PosInfos):Void

The Error constructor only requires a steing message. stack and pos are automatically populate but can be provided if preferred.

var pos(default,null):PosInfos

The location in code where the error has been instantiated.

var stackItems(default,null):Array<StackItem>

The collected error stack.

function toString():String