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abstract thx.Char(Int)

Available on all platforms

Represents one Utf8 character stored as an integer value.

Class Fields

function arrayToString(arr:Array<Char>):String

Converts an array of Chars to String.

function at(s:String, index:Int):Char

Retrieve a Char at the specified position index in string s.

inline function compare(a:Char, b:Char):Int

inline function equals(self:Char, other:Char):Bool

inline function fromInt(i:Int):Char

Converts an Int value to Char.

inline function fromString(s:String):Char

Converts a String into a Char. Only the first character in the string is used in the conversion.

inline function greater(self:Char, other:Char):Bool

inline function greaterEquals(self:Char, other:Char):Bool

inline function less(self:Char, other:Char):Bool

inline function lessEquals(self:Char, other:Char):Bool

Instance Fields

inline function compareTo(other:Char):Int

Compares two chars returning -1, 0 or 1.

inline function equalsTo(other:Char):Bool

Equality method.

inline function greaterEqualsThan(other:Char):Bool

inline function greaterThan(other:Char):Bool

function isBreakingWhitespace():Bool

Returns true if a string is all breaking whitespace.

function isControl():Bool

Returns true if the character is a control character.

function isUnicode():Bool

Checks if character is a valid unicode character.

inline function lessEqualsTo(other:Char):Bool

inline function lessThan(other:Char):Bool

function next():Char

Returns the next character incrementing its code by one.

function prev():Char

Returns the previous character decrementing its code by one.

inline function toInt():Int

Returns the character Int code that is also the internal representation of this type.

function toLowerCase():Char

Returns the lower case version if any of the character.

function toString():String

Converts a Char to String.

function toUpperCase():Char

Returns the upper case version if any of the character.